Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McEwen Golf- Sugar Land, TX Golf Professional

"Helping Attain Golf Goals"

  • SUGAR LAND, TX 77479
  • 281-980-4100 EXT 218
  • mcewengolf@gmail.com (email)
    About McEwen Golf
            The mission of McEwen Golf is to provide quality golf instruction and to enrich the business relationships between companies and their clients.  McEwen Golf focuses on two aspects of golf: 1) game improvement through professional instruction; and 2) strengthening client/ business relationships by entertaining clients or prospective clients in a round of golf. 
            MG is the perfect match for new and existing businesses who want to use golf as a way to improve their corporate relationships with their clients.  Our golf professionals will coordinate all of the golf outing and golf-instructions with your customer, which we believe will add value and longevity to your companies’     


Photo Gallery 
The Late Earl Woods & McEwen
    Shaun McEwen and Young Tiger Woods
McEwen and Billy Mayfair (PGA Tour Winner)
                                                     Scottie Pippen& Shaun McEwen 

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